My mother was an artist, and I followed in her footsteps - reluctantly in my teens and twenties, set my brushes aside after her death, and then returned to them before my writing career picked up steam. I wish I had more time to paint watercolors, pen and ink sketches and do crafts! But I do include the arts in my writings.

Mom was very talented and painted every day. I write every day, and it does take time and effort no matter how much talent you have. Especially time!

Century of Light - Jim Pallas, Sculpture Art

My husband, Randy Mims, worked on the program for a Michigan artist who designed a sculpture for downtown Detroit. Unfortunately, the Century of Light "bit the dust" during the upheaval of poor administrations. Here's a few photos of him working with Rene Vega, another programmer, and Jim Pallas - and the complete story can be found by clicking here.

<----  The irrepressible Jim Pallas


Century of Light, formerly on Washington Boulevard, 1981  ---->

The dance group included Rene

Randy Mims, on the left (so young, so handsome if I do say so myself!), and Rene Vega on the right in the red tee shirt with the Century of Light logo on it!  

Randy and Rene Century of Light.jpg