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-Home for the Holidays-


Jodie Watson's in the animal rescue business with her best friend Phil. Their non-profit organization, Fur and Feathers, is teetering on the brink of disaster, with trouble from the city condemning their rented building. They soon have a worse fight on their hands, though, when donation money goes missing. Will their blossoming romance turn sour? Or can they work some Christmas magic to survive and find a new home for the holidays for their precious rescues?



Praise for Home for the Holidays


"Not without angst--and even a bit of romance--this is the kind of story you want to relax with during the holidays, accompanied by the requisite cup of hot chocolate and perhaps with a favorite pet at your side. It will leave you with a smile!" —Ellie's Reads


"If you're an animal lover, then you will love this is story." —Amazon Reviewer


"As an avid animal lover I enjoyed this fast paced story of a holiday gift for the rescues of Fur and Feathers. Meg Mims did an amazing job with accurate details of the lives of animals and running a non profit shelter . . . Very enjoyable and not drawn out . . . I certainly would recommend this book and would love to see more stories written as pleasant as this one." —Amazon Reviewer

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