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Halloween Fun with the Family

Who's up for some Halloween fun with the family? Get in the "spirit" - but forget the scary stuff.

Mouse trap baby

No, this post isn't about writing. While Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, I do love the creative aspect of it. Some people take the holiday waaaay too seriously, hanging dummies with decapitated heads, holding knives, dead bodies in coffins, etc. IS THAT FUN? No!! Who needs realism in that way? NOT ME. I'd much rather see adorable kids, pets, and family costumes.

Here's a few adorable costumes for kids, though! And a few of pets - dress them up and see how people react with a laugh. IF you can get your dog or cat to cooperate!

Sta-puf and gnome babies

Moms and dads can get in the spirit of fun with their babies and toddlers, too!

Mom and baby costumes

dad and kid costumes

How creative are these - don't you love the "jellyfish" one!

Clark Kent, Jelly and Up

Who doesn't love seeing dogs in costumes? And they're far more happy than cats!

dogs in costumes

Don't forget the OLD people! They love dressing up, too.

Here's some sister and brother costumes - Little Bo Peep and her sheep, a unique Batgirl and sidekick Robin, Bam-Bam and Pebbles, two minions, and the Mario Brothers!

Sisters costumes

brother costumes

And here's one more baby peacock and many adorable and fun dog costumes.

dog martini batman

peacock baby and dog

The dog in the kissing booth would be soooo easy to make! I just love that sweet face.

dog costumes

Halloween CAN be fun, so get your CANDY on! What's your favorite type to give out?

Here's mine, because I don't like them and won't eat them. But they're on the list of the BEST Halloween candy to receive. It's all about the chocolate, I guess!


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