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Five Common Writing Mistakes

It's Friday the 13th. You know what that means, right? Bad luck superstitions galore!

And it also means no matter how many times you go over a manuscript, you can always find that extra comma, or a backwards quotation mark, or some silly error that you cringe at - sometimes after publishing your work! AUGH!! It never fails.

Here's a great infographic from to help you if you're tackling NaNoWriMo this year. Me, I'm doing my own version - MeNoWriMo - for a holiday novella. Or would that be HoNoWriMo? Whatever - I've got to get the whip out and get cracking! I'm behind, of course.

So get cracking, writers! CHECK YOUR WORK before submitting to a publisher, editor, your beta readers, your pet, your followers and faithful readers. They deserve your best!

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