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It's almost Valentine's Day - and you ought to know what that means. CALORIES!

Er, I mean love. LOVE. Of course, plus kisses. Hugs. Flowers. All that. Yeah.

And CHOOOOOOOOOOOCOLATE. Remember that jingle?

That's a commercial from 1992, but Farfel started way back in the 50s. I grew up with Nestle's chocolate. Cheap chocolate, but good enough when you aren't buying it, and can't get better. Nestle's, Hershey's, Mars. Yup. Sugar. Calories. Zero nutrition. But hey, that's what holiday commercialism is all about. RIght? Insert winky face here.

This is an interesting video with two English blokes comparing U.S. chocolate vs. U.K. chocolate.

They love their "sweets" as much as we do. Kudos for eating a lot of chocolate in one sitting. And I could have told them to steer clear of Butterfinger. What was their fave American chocolate? Baby Ruth and 100 Grand.

I totally agree with these guys. I still enjoy these two in a pinch, when I can't find a delicious Mars Midnight bar. I wouldn't mind trying a U.K. Crunchie, though. And I know English Mars bars are far less sweeter and with better chocolate from taking a trip to England long ago - my sister and I "lunched" on Mars bars on the train in between those yummy full English breakfasts, tea times when we could visit a real tea room, and dinner at the hotel.

But now that I'm older and wiser, I have to admit that there *IS* better chocolate out there. Belgian, for one. See's chocolate. And Harry and David's Moose Much and Truffles. YUM. So here's some "EYE CANDY" to get you through until this weekend and the rest of winter.

HAPPY CHOCOLATE TO YOU ALL, and may your willpower hold.

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