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What's Your Bearoscope?

It's been two weeks since National Teddy Bear Day, and the "shamelessly adorable" cover reveal for Bearly Departed! My editor and her assistant did a wonderful job. In case you missed it, click this link to the video to watch on Facebook.

So how would you find out your BEAROSCOPE? First, choose a bear featured on the cover here -- and then leave a comment below with your name and the bear. Then we will reply with your "bearoscope" -- which should match your personality. Does it WORK? Yes, indeed!

The day of the cover reveal, I mentioned how the panda is my favorite -- due to my daughter. We named her Amanda, and several people gave her pandas. We also took her as a young toddler to the Toledo Zoo to see the pandas from China back in 198-- um... well, let's not go there. Amanda is now quite old enough to drive herself to the zoo, ha!

Anyway, my editor sent me this bearoscope:

"You are a very distinctive personality with a strong visual aesthetic. You have the ability to look past the obvious and appreciate subtle grace and elegance. You are an artist at heart. You do not feel the need necessarily to follow the pack. You are loving and generous, and you love being surrounded by friends and family."

If I say so myself, I have to agree with my bearoscope. Especially the artist at heart bit. I had to give up my art to write full-time, but it's still something I'm going to find time to do again. Some day. For now, here's a sweet illustration I did long ago called Beary Potter.

HAPPY READING, all! Next spring, Bearly Departed will hit the shelves! I'm already excited.

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