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Christmas In Summer?

I know, I know!! It's mid-August! Heat, humidity, beach or pool time -- who can think about Christmas now? But Halloween candy is already on the store shelves, and I'm sure some retailers have candy canes and wreaths, cards and wrapping paper, even trees, all ready to set up for displays.

And I'm trying to get myself into the "Christmas Spirit" in this hot summer, writing HAVE YOURSELF A BEARY LITTLE MURDER. Don't you **LOVE** the title? I have to thank the Kensington editors for that. And I have to admit it's easier than I thought, scrolling through photos of the local parade of lights, the Santa Clauses, the decorations, the cookies... OH, THE COOKIES!!! I did gain a pound just looking at them all. Mmmm.

I've got a juicy murder planned, lots of interesting characters besides Sasha, her sister Maddie, their parents, Uncle Ross, Aunt Eve -- Mary Kate, Elle, Detective Mason, his new assistant, Flynn and his new flame, plus Jay Kirby and Santa Bear. And some troublesome villagers. There's something about the holidays that bring out the best (and worst) in people. I could call this book "Three Funerals and a Wedding" (shh, it's a secret), but Christmas takes the cake. Er, the theme.

ENJOY the rest of your summer! STAY COOL, because cooler weather IS coming! Happy Fall, y'all!!

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