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-A Wolf Creek Christmas-


Welcome to Wolf Creek.

Here you will find many of your favorite authors, working together as Ford Fargo to weave a complex and textured series of Old West adventures like no one has ever seen.

In the first part of our Christmas anthology set, several new people come to town and enter our saga, just in time for Christmas. ROMAN HATCHETT (Jory Sherman), a world-weary trapper; PHOEBE WRIGHT (Meg Mims), a tireless reformer; GIB NORWOOD (Jacquie Rogers), a dairy farmer with a mixed-race family and a habit of annoying the thuggish cowhands of evil cattle baron Andrew Rogers. Among our regular cast, CHARLEY BLACKFEATHER (Troy D. Smith) parleys with Kiowa leaders on Christmas Eve, deputy marshal QUINT CROY tries to soften the hearts of Wolf Creek’s hardest citizens, and livery owner BEN TOLLIVER (James J. Griffin) gets several big holiday surprises…


Praise for A Wolf Creek Christmas


"What a fun read. This book is made up of short stories about several of the residents of Wolf Creek. I like the idea of picking the book up and reading for a minute while I wait to be called for an appointment or in line or in traffic. As always with Wolf Creek, this is an action packed book." —FoxLeaf Bookstore


"A delightful stocking full of Christmas stories from the Old West. There's something for every taste in this anthology, so get your copy now.." —Amazon Reviewer


"The characters in this series are very distinctive and true to there characters like old friends...and enemies. Lots of authentic details make for a great read! I have loved every book in the series." —Amazon Reviewer

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